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Adding Value

Project management as a service is a broad field with major focus on delivering value to the customer. Our project management consulting services are tailored to meet the needs of each client, both on a project by project and portfolio basis.

VLI Vostok is able to manage the entire project life cycle or single tasks such as project management, investment planning, due diligence, cost analysis, the preparation of technical documentation, organization of tenders, conduct negotiations with subcontractors and vendors and supervise construction works including quality and cost control.

How do we see project management?


The construction industry lags far behind the manufacturing and service industries with regard to the application of performance improvement and optimization techniques. Construction industry practitioners have been continually seeking to apply better technologies and processes to improve project delivery, but there is a lack of unified strategy and there is little incentive to change. Given this industry status quo, innovation is still possible—in the internal operations of each party as well as within the combined activities of the project team, depending on the extent to which they are willing to optimize the entire supply chain for delivering the project, which requires project management leadership and commitment.

Modern project management involves effective preparation, planning, analysis of risk aspects and risk management, procurement, execution, project control, contract management, completion and commissioning. Effective project management ensures a comprehensive overview at all stages of preparation and execution and makes it more likely that individual project components and the project as whole remains within the defined time and cost frame.

Because we know that Project Management cannot be improvised, our Project Managers always apply methodology during the performance of their work, which can be summarised below:

Initiating Analyse your needs and specific requirements related to the affair
Financial analysis of the cost, budget
Project charter including costs, tasks and schedule
Planning and design Identifying the important points to deliver and creating the work breakdown structure
Identifying the resources requirement for the project
Estimating time and cost over time of the project
Developing the schedule.
Risk planning
Executing Organization of the construction process (human resources and material delivery)
Quality control of the work performed
Information distribution to the different actors.
Monitoring and Controlling Check up of the work progress
Monitoring of the different parameters (cost, scope etc..) against the forecast plan
Identifying corrective action if needed to get the different parameters on track again
Closing Reception of the works, global check up
Budget closing
Global project review with the client

Our project management team is never content to sit back and write a memo or fancy report. We always invest ourselves into a project and take a “hands on” approach to managing.

We do this because we think being deeply involved in a project is the best way to really make sure the project is completed as the owner intended. It’s the best way to look out for the best interests of the owner.

When we’re involved, not only can we foresee issues, we can face them head on and focus on resolving them faster.

As of today, VLI Vostok acquired a strong experience in Project Management in Russia, working on important missions for international clients.

Artem Sergeev, Maxim Petrukhnenko