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VLI Vostok

Industrial Cooling

VLI Vostok offers expert consultancy within the entire range of cooling systems. The team of highly specialised mechanical engineers provides state of the art design to meet the exact requirements of our customers.

Cost effective design

Cooling systems are expensive – not only in terms of first costs but especially in terms of operational costs. In fact, throughout the lifetime of a cooling system, operational costs are often substantially higher than initial construction costs. Consequently, we focus intensely on design of cost effective state of the art cooling systems with a high level of energy efficiency and reliability.

Ventilation systems design

At VLI Vostok we are able to provide a complete ventilation engineering consultancy service to our clients.

With over 30 years combined experience we offer the highest quality turnkey ventilation solutions in a wide range of industrial sectors from initial design through to handover and commissioning.

This experience over the years has given us extensive expertise in solving even the most obscure air quality issues which in turn enables us to approach new challenges with the greatest of confidence.

Even from the first phase of the project we commit ourselves to the project and consider the importance of sustainability, building technology and the user’s intention.