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Architectural and engineering design is a complex and subtle process. It requires full intellectual engagement and is deeply satisfying when good solutions emerge. Design involves a combination of experience and insight. It is driven by precedent, springing from the accumulated knowledge of architects, owners, and builders in a particular culture or community. Creative insight allows that knowledge to be captured and transformed to serve new purposes.

Our team of dedicated, qualified, bilingual professionals is committed to ensuring the successful implementation of your projects using modern tools and frameworks such CAD and BIM at following project phases:

  • At the project program development stage, where the purpose of the project the overall period of the design, construction and post-completion activities of the project are defined.
  • At the pre-project stage, with the booklet, which will be the first result of our work after the project program stage. At this stage, the global architecture and the structure of the project and the main principles of all engineering system are defined. The client can present his project to local authorities to get the first approvals from Architecture department and consult utility providers.
  • At the design documentation development stage. This is followed by applying  for construction permit
  • At the detailed design stage which is needed to build the project.

Based on your request, our design team can follow you during all the construction process by performing author`s control.

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