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VLI Vostok

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Engineering, construction and start-up of various types of buildings

VLI Vostok offers a comprehensive and wide range of services in order to fulfill the requirements of our clients and establish a relationship based on confidence and partnership. Our ability to tackle diverse aspects of the building design (i.e. architecture, structure, engineering networks,…) allows us to optimize the cost and duration of both design and construction phases, as well as lower the exploitation and maintenance costs.

Our policy

We provide our customers with accurate and fair information and we strive to meet all our commitments in order to establish a long-term partnership based on mutual trust.
Our Customer’s satisfaction is our priority which we ensure by carefully listening to our Customers’ needs in order to present them clear, detailed and comprehensive proposals with the constant concern of assuring the best quality of systems, equipment and services.

Meeting Our Commitment in Terms of Punctuality and Security is The Base of Our Services

One policy: 3 key areas
In order to provide the best for our client and our environment, our commitment focuses on key areas:
– Listening to our customers, empathy,
– Local engagement and solidarity,
– Development of employees.

Listening to our Customers, empathy; because we can provide the best service when we understand the client situation and its needs