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VLI Vostok

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Today it is no longer enough to just meet customer expectations.

The goal of VLI Vostok is to go forward, proposing clients innovative solutions adjusted to the specific environment of their project and the specific application.

The main company aim was to develop different departments in the construction field, covering client administrative assistance, building design and architecture, construction and maintenance to have a complete view to all the life cycle of a building.

In the mean time, innovation can provide a powerful competitive advantage. This is why for several years now our company designed buildings according to several international sustainable development standards.

Because we are convinced that it is necessary to imagine the housing of the future, we have made innovation a driving force of our performance.

Besides the fact that both directors of the company are French, the entire team is from Russia, making VLI Vostok a company fully integrated to the Russian environment.

We organize our innovation capabilities around 2 main areas:

Delivering our projects fast, at the lowest cost, and in the safest conditions. To do so, we mainly work on improving our human resources and partner company network.

Developing sustainable construction by seeking to bring more comfort to users, and find more energy-efficient solutions.

Our focus will continue to be to service our clients in a world class manner and to bring solutions to the table that benefit their business and bottom line.