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Established in 2007, VLI Vostok executes avant-garde projects for major international companies.

The founders of VLI Vostok were mechanical engineer Vincent Labedan and electrical engineer Philippe De Rovere. They began operating as an engineering services consultancy firm in Moscow, Russia.
Gradually building the company’s reputation they focused on providing mechanical systems design. The first job was to deliver HVAC design of the prestigious 5 stars HYATT Hotel in Yekaterinburg (houses 293 rooms and 28 suites and offers some of the most comfortable guest accommodation of any of the city hotels)
The next project was HVAC executive design for Hyatt spa Federation tower B in the end of the frist year and moved on to design external networks for FM Logistic – a logistic management company.
In June 2009, one year and six months after the company was started, VLI Vostok began to work as general design and project manager in the retail field, providing the detailed design package for Carrefour, a world leading hypermarket company and assuming the task of Project manager during the construction stage.
Up to these days, VLI Vostok has carried out the design of an administrative building in Moscow certified to PassivHaus criteria; numerous hypermarkets and retail centers, logistic warehouses and some production facilities.
In parallel, VLI Vostok started providing services in the construction and maintenance field, having built different types of building such as hypermarket shops, top end villas, water treatment plants and heating systems.
As a managing company, VLI Vostok handled important projects such as the construction the Rosbank headquarters in Moscow, the subsidiary of Societe General Group in Russia.

Our team

General Director.VLI Vostok
Vincent Labedan
Executive director
Флипипп Де Ровер
Philippe De Rovere
General director
Сергей Калапуц, ВЛИ Восток
Sergey Kalaputs
Senior Project Manager
    Ivan Rodionov
    Chief Architect
      Надежда Рудая, ВЛИ Восток, Ведущий инженер-электрик
      Nadezhda Rudaya
      Head of Electrical Design
      Алексей Иваненко, ВЛИ Восток, Главный инженер ОВИК
      Alexey Ivanenko
      Head of HVAC Design Department
      Алексей Сергеев, ВЛИ Восток,Инженер-конструктор
      Alexey Sergeev
      Structural engineer
      Galina Myachina
      Conceptual Architect
        Andrey Kalaputs
        Andrey Kalaputs
        Head of Production Department
        Viktor Zakharov
        Electrical Engineer
          Ведущий инженер ВК
          Olga Mitkinova
          Mechanical Engineer
          Руководитель проектов
          Artem Sergeev
          Project Manager
            Начальник участка
            Alexandr Kirunin
            Site manager
              Главный бухгалтер
              Svetlana Shmatko
              Chief Accountant
              Evgeniya Zakharova
                Инженер ОВИК
                Elena Suvorova
                HVAC Engineer